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Monday 8th October, 8 AM
This is me.
*William is working his way through the red boxes the FO ran up on Friday night. Most of it's not terribly exciting, but then his standards of excitement have been shifted since taking this job. With the entire world as his oyster, anything less than a sudden outbreak of war or volatile hostage situation has ceased to seem incredibly exciting.

He shuffles through the last papers in the bottom of one of the boxes. A folder from DEFRA catches his eye. Ah yes, the weekly supernatural report. He's glad most of the supernatural business doesn't come under his jurisdiction (with the exception of that time that pixie stowed away in Sarkozy's luggage). Except for diplomatic and international kerfuffles, he's happy to leave vampires and water monsters and whatever else to DEFRA.

This should mainly just be the additions to the no-fly list for him to sign off on. Glenys Jones, housewife, newly turned vampire. Adam Bennett, banker, newly proven changeling. Peter Mandelson, retired, newly turned werewolf. Samantha...


Wait just a minute.

His eyes, which have been quickly skimming down the page, snap back to the name they had just half-read, his pen freezing in mid-descent for his signature.

Peter Mandelson.

Well, this is a surprise.

William's morning has just become exceptionally more exciting.*


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