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Queen Elizabeth Land
This is me.
Have just named a largish chunk of Antartica after HM the Queen. As you do.

In all honesty, after the Queen's visit to Cabinet this morning I thought she might need something to cheer her up. 60 placemats? I'm not one to throw stones, but whose idea was that? This isn't M&S, it's the Cabinet.

And what better way to cheer up an aging monarch whose time has passed celebrate our glorious Queen than by reminding her of the time when she owned the world commemorating her through the place name of one of the most beautiful places on Earth?

Besides, "Queen Elizabeth Land" not only has a glorious ring to it, it's been an excellent first strike in Operation Annoy Theresa. You could see her grinding her teeth, but she had no way to respond. Not only was she not sitting next to our mighty monarch, as was yours truly, but she couldn't match my flair for the grand gesture either. I suppose she could have named the border the "Queen Elizabeth Border", but that would have had unfortunate implications for unauthorised incursions into Her Majesty's territory. And the police force could hardly be named the "Queen Elizabeth Police Force", lest another Andrew Mitchell call them all plebs and plunge us into another public relations disaster. Theresa could only sit and stew.

Yes, I am quite pleased with the day's work.

Twitter likes me as well. The consensus seems to be "...a better gift than placemats...", which I will take. Buying for women is difficult, particularly elderly women when you don't know what perfume they would like. "Eau d'Empire" is a perfectly reasonable fallback position.


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