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This is me.
Very bloody funny, thanks very much.

I think it's time to risk the lovely Ffion's wrath and buy a new baseball cap. I think red is appropriate in this situation, don't you?

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Knew you'd find it amusing.

I'm thinking of adding a Bishophric to my collection of titles, do you happen to know if there are any going spare?

Oh, very. My mirth is overwhelming.

I would normally make a crude joke about the sex life of the clergy at this point, but the Tory whips do worry if I make gay jokes.

No idea, I'm afraid. I don't think the worshippers of the Great Old ones have bishops, to be honest.

Crude homophobia? Why, I thought the new, sanitised, nay, cuddly big-society liberal-conservatism eschewed such throwbacks to Nasty Party past?

Such naivete, Mandelson! Surely you of all people know that's just for the punters.

It must be simply awful, being in competition for voters with the BNP.

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